” For Starters ” – Features Benefits Pre-Service

Simple Efficient Solution

Avenista is the most visually appealing and genuinely easy-to-use software available on the market. Whatever your level of IT competence you’ll have no problems with Avenista. Our expert trainers and support team will ensure you can confidently use the software in no time at all and get the most from it!

Unique Visual I-Plan Tools

Our unique visual I-Plan tools are the most advanced, easy-to-use and graphical table planning tools of any reservation system on the market by far. Touch-friendly simple drag and drop will allow you to create and modify your table plans instantly. Whether making a simple one off change to your restaurant plans or completely redesigning there is no easier way than using Avenista’s I-Plan.

24/7 Web Bookings (Commission Free)

Take online reservations from your restaurants website 24 hours a day, 365 days a year COMMISSION FREE. They’re your bookings so why should you be charged for receiving them?!?

Most Advanced Yield Management System

Our advanced yield management system will help increase your yield in peak periods by as much as 25%. Avenista can actively reduce the amount of ‘wasted time’ on tables, ensuring that yield from the restaurant is fully maximised.

Control vs. Flexibility

Whether you operate a strict reservation policy or require absolute flexibility, Avenista offers the perfect blend to accommodate your needs. When managing the restaurant and taking restaurant reservations Avenista will ensure all staff members new or old think like a restaurant manager that has been at the restaurant for +20 years.

E-mail or Text Confirmations

An unlimited number of email or SMS templates will ensure you deliver a personalised and targeted email or SMS booking confirmation to your customers when making reservations in-house or online.

” And For The Main Course ” – Features Benefits During Service

Market Leading Walk-in & Waitlist Tools

With our highly intelligent and sophisticated walk-in and waitlist tools we will ensure live service runs like clockwork even in your busiest peak periods. Process and seat a walk-in in seconds. Don’t turn customers away when no tables are immediately available, Avenista can accurately calculate next table availability so your customers can grab a drink and wait until a table is free.

Customer Recognition

No matter if it’s your first day working at the restaurant or you’ve been there 10 years Avenista gives you invaluable knowledge about your customers which will help push customer service standards to a whole new level.

Point Of Sale Integration

Avenista integrates with several key POS companies. This interface can provide the perfect bridge to efficient table management in live service. It will also allow you to capture customers spend, and dining preferences.

Turnaway Management & Reporting

Avenista will give you the ability to record turnaways with ease and the reason why you had to turn them away. With the associated reporting it will allow you to quickly identify turnaway patterns and adjust your restaurant model to reduce turnaways.

Real-Time Reservation Reporting

In service Avenista dynamically adjusts to the ever changing conditions; such as late arrivals, no-shows, larger parties arriving later than expected, smaller parties arriving, walk-in customers, customers wanting to sit at different tables than previously allocated and customers waiting. The reservation software efficiently reports any issues or warnings which occur real-time allowing you to resolve them with ease and effectively manage the restaurant.

” And Finally Dessert ” – Features & Benefits After Service Beyond

Reporting Suite

Avenista has a vast array of reports which can help you analyse your restaurant data, from complete session analysis, to simple deposit reports we’ve got all the reports you need and more.

Marketing Tools

Due to the current climate efficient marketing has become critical. Avenista has sophisticated filters in place which allow you to target market to your customers. Whether you simply want to send out a monthly newsletter, let them know about last minute availability or wish them a happy birthday, you can do so from Avenista via SMS or Email campaigns.

Memberships & Loyalty

Whether you have a membership or loyalty scheme in place or are considering setting one up Avenista has the tools in place which allow you to create membership schemes directly in the software. Avenista will then highlight special membership privileges when they make a reservation.

Customer Feedback

Avenista has the facility to easily record customer comments on departure. This invaluable feature means that the next time the customer dines at your restaurant whether it be 2 weeks later or 2 years later you’ll have a record of what they said about you the last time they dined, whether it be good or bad.


Our support is second to none, you’ll always speak to a human being who will do their utmost to answer your questions or resolve any problems there and then. We want Avenista to become an integral part of your operations and help your business run more efficiently and profitably than ever before!