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Whether you operate a small independent restaurant or a large chain Avenista will help maximise restaurant profitability...
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Revolutionise Your


Avenista's Table Reservation & Table Management software has always had key features targeted at hotels and resorts...
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Revolutionise Your

Cruise Ship

Avenista has taken to the seas....our continued diversity and ground-breaking software has meant that thousands of...
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About Avenista

Avenista Table Reservation & Table Management software is the most powerful and flexible dining management solution available anywhere. Avenista is Windows software that turns your reservation process (either in-house or online) into a simple process that is designed to maximise restaurant profitability and ease your restaurant planning, deliver great customer service and build a reliable customer database at the same time. With Avenista your diners will be happier, your staff will be more efficient, and your operation will be less stressed. Your business will make more money through increased restaurant yield, staff will need to work less hours on managing reservations, and higher diner-return rates driven by better customer-service and the increased marketing potential presented by the high-quality customer database you build in Avenista.
Restaurants like Andrew Fairlie at Gleneagles and The Royal Oak Paley St, hotel chains such as Harbour Hotels, 5-star Hotels like the Rockliffe Hall in Ireland, the 6-star cruise line Crystal Cruises, and even the world famous Harrods Department store in London all use Avenista because it helps them to eradicate inefficiency, seat more diners, and push their customer-service standards even higher. They selected Avenista because it was the simplest to use, was so flexible that it fit their existing operations perfectly, and gave them the best features to help serve important Diners more personally.

“On the very first Saturday we used Avenista it encouraged us to take more reservations. We ended up taking 20% more covers than usual and we haven’t looked back since. I would easily recommend Avenista.”
– Matthew Sankey (Owner, Sankeys Brasserie)

The Safe Alternative

When independently researching Table Reservations software Avenista is consistently favoured over competitors because it is extremely user-friendly, professional, and reliable despite having the most sophisticated and flexible restaurant modelling capabilities available in the market. We also provide great customer service; our team really does care that you get the very best from your system!

These simple facts mean that Avenista now gives restaurants a better, safe alternative to any of the established competition and will deliver more effective yield management, more efficient operations with better control over table management, users and overall restaurant management, whilst being incredibly easy to use and train. You don’t need to take our word for this we will be happy to forward contact details of some of our customers for you to contact independently.