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Whether you operate a small independent restaurant or a large chain Avenista will help maximise restaurant profitability...
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Revolutionise Your


Avenista's Table Reservation & Table Management software has always had key features targeted at hotels and resorts...
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Revolutionise Your

Cruise Ship

Avenista has taken to the seas....our continued diversity and ground-breaking software has meant that thousands of...
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Hotel Benefits

  • Multi-site, restaurant & terminal
  • Enable restaurant cross-selling
  • Detect duplicate bookings
  • POS integration services
  • PMS integration services
  • Free bookings (no commission)
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • No hidden costs or charges
  • Concurrent real time users
  • Build a database of diners
  • Advanced display with the I-PLAN
  • 24/7 web booking facilities
  • Perfect flexibility vs. control
  • Operate loyalty & membership schemes
  • Touch friendly software
  • IPAD Compatible via IPAD companion
  • Precise yield management
  • Stress free live session management
  • Promotional tools
  • Late & early bird availability marketing
  • In-depth detailed reporting suite
  • SMS marketing & messaging
  • Diner recognition
  • Deposit & pre-order management
  • Re-confirmation facility
  • Advanced walk-In & waiting control
  • Task management console
  • Turn-away tools & reporting

Revolutionise Your Hotel…

Avenista’s Table Reservation & Table Management software has always had key features targeted at hotels and resorts such as the ability to integrate with Property Management Systems to get an overall picture of guest-dining within a property, even pre-reserving restaurant space for Dinner-Inclusive diners. Hotel users can also easily view resident vs. non resident statistics, run hotel specific reports, limit resident\non resident availability, identify duplicates and easily cross sell between hotel restaurants. Over the years these features have been strengthened to make them even easier to use and more flexible whilst adding even more ground-breaking functionality. Like our visual I-PLAN tool which allows hotels and restaurants alike to visually represent their table layouts, giving full control to completely re-arrange the layouts of Restaurants and Conference Rooms for individual events.

From single hotels with one restaurant to global hotel groups with many, Avenista has been a huge success within the hotel industry integrating seamlessly and exceeding expectations.

“Avenista has introduced precise table management, seamless multiple restaurant and terminal operations, customer recognition and unprecedented yield management. It’s difficult to remember how we managed before. I would recommend any hotel consider this cutting edge software….they really know their stuff!”
– Nalin Daud, Food & Beverage Manager (De Vere Slaley Hall)

Whether you want to limit non resident availability, detect duplicate resident bookings between restaurants or simply ensure bookings can be taken real-time from multiple terminals throughout the hotel, Avenista will meet your requirements and offer a whole lot more. Delivering more effective yield management, more efficient operations with better control over table management and users, whilst being incredibly easy to use and train. However you don’t need to take our word for it, we will be happy to forward contact details of some of our customers for you to contact independently.

For more information or to arrange a demonstration then please contact us.